Why choose CQIT


Advantages of CQIT certification

Taking a 'photo' in hand, traveling around the world
The official certification and qualifications of the 27 EU countries are more intuitive and valuable than RPL, providing extra protection for overseas work and immigration! In addition, in many Asian countries, CQIT international licenses are widely recognized and increasingly respected.
License to go abroad, worry free for Xuehai
The CQIT international certificate is renowned in the academic community of various regions of the European Union and is a necessary professional skill certificate for studying abroad, providing extra support for further education abroad!
License work, promising future
The CQIT international certificate is highly recognized by world-class enterprises and is a successful admission ticket for professionals facing the world and reaching the pinnacle of their lives.
Once tested, forever honored, lifelong glory
Once the CQIT international license is obtained, you will enjoy professional honors for life without the need for annual review or review!