CQIT Professional Makeup Professional Certification
Release time:2023-07-26 10:52
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Subject Introduction

Certification introduction: The CQIT professional makeup artist certification began in 2000, aiming to impart fashionable and avant-garde high-end makeup skills to students, while covering a rich conceptual foundation and operational concepts, providing authoritative certification for qualified students. Since the establishment of the certification, multiple students have repeatedly participated in international makeup competitions with certificates and achieved excellent results, which have been widely recognized and unanimously praised by the international community and the industry, indicating the high value of CQIT professional makeup artist certification.

Certification content: professional makeup theory, basic makeup, bride makeup, fashion makeup, TV and movie makeup techniques, spray gun makeup, etc.

Subject Certificate Level

Certification level: Professional makeup artist certification (LEVEL1) - Professional makeup artist certification (LEVEL2) - Professional makeup artist certification (LEVEL3)