GenZ Fashion Keywords Emphasizing Self | Dark Academy Style, Grandma Fashion, Sustainable Environmental Protection, New Trends in Digital Primitive Generation Fashion
Release time:2023-08-08 12:50
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GenZ has reached 3223 years of the total population, and the world population has reached 7.9 billion people. Among them, the so-called "GenZ" (GenerationZ), which was born between 1997 and 2012, has accounted for 32% of the total population, surpassing the "millennial" generation. They are not only the largest consumer group, but also the key to influencing the world; I can assert that the future trend of the world will be led by this group of children.

People from Generation Z have become mainstream consumers in the future


The "GenZ" people who have been living in the digital world since their birth, some people call them "digital natives," and indeed they can access people and information from every corner of the world in a second, which we never imagined when we were young. Everyone is willing to speak up bravely and have their own independent views, which is the characteristic of Generation Z.

In one sentence, it means' emphasizing oneself '.

People born in Generation Z have been living in the digital primordial generation


For the younger generation, who have been in contact with the community since childhood, caring about the Earth's environment is no longer unattainable. In recent years, we have been discussing "sustainable fashion", which has become a topic they are willing to spontaneously practice in their lives. Generation Z refuses fast fashion, which causes huge pollution, enjoys purchasing second-hand clothing and antiques, supports brands that use recycled materials to make new clothes, and even uses recycling to create their own creativity Reuse and Reconstruct, DIY has designed unique pieces that are not only friendly to the Earth, but also echo what I just mentioned, highlighting my own style.

↑ Made of organic materials


Gucci OffTheGrid Collection Y2KStyle "is the mainstream attire among the young people of Generation Z. In short, in the 1990s when I was still a high school student, all the popular loose sweaters, peach sports suits, jelly colored sunglasses, waist packs, and dad's shoes have returned in these years.

↑ At Y2K


In the era of, Dad's shoes have also returned However, the difference is that Generation Z, who emphasizes self and gender equality, always presents their self-worth through different techniques when interpreting a single item or combination. For example, no one would pin their waist bag on their waist, but casually lean it on their chest; The spacious sweaters that do not overly highlight the figure have made the neutral style mainstream; Reflective fabrics, metallic shiny surfaces, fluorescent colors, luminescent materials, colorful beading, low waisted, perspective, velvet, cat's eye sunglasses and other rebellious and avant-garde designs have become important popular elements in clothing; And sports, neutrality, laziness, futurism, these keywords have become key themes for Generation Z in terms of clothing. At the same time, the pandemic of over three years has accelerated this trend, and long-distance work and home fashion have also emerged in response.

↑ (Left) LaQuanSmith, (Right) Jason Wu


↑ GIVENCHY2022 Autumn/Winter


However, GenZ, which values itself and dares to innovate, is not only satisfied with the popular "Y2KStyle" of earlier years, because everyone is playing short video social media software and is popular among bloggers

LexNicoletta has instead taken on the opposite trend of 'grandma fashion', officially known as' Coastal Grandmother Fashion '. In addition to Y2K, grandma fashion has also become popular


Alternatively, the recently hyped 'Dark Academia'

)Recently, it has also become popular among Generation Z girls. This type of 30


Age to fifty The trend that was once popular in Europe in the 1990s was a bit like a fusion of British academic and gothic styles, but now it has become a fashion show, and can only be said to be GenZ I really don't want to just retro and stop in the 1990s. Checkered shirts, blazers, loose and comfortable vintage pants, college style wool vests, and wide shoulder down cardigans are all mainstream items in the "dark college style" pairing, while the color scheme must be stable or even darker, such as gray, olive green, coffee, and so on. Short knit tank top paired with T-shirt, high neck sweater tank top paired with loose fitting jeans, Oversized


Knitted vests paired with long shirts and more are also popular matching methods at present. {custom_text}