What are the Nordic styles and patterns? Characteristics and Introduction of Nordic Style
Release time:2023-08-08 13:53
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Have you heard of Nordic patterns? The Nordic patterns with plants and animals as the theme, filled with warm and natural colors, are deeply loved by many people. Even if you haven't heard of Nordic patterns, I believe you have seen these popular pattern designs in some places.

When it comes to Nordic patterns or designs, I believe many people associate them with being used in living room decorations and interior decoration. However, from accessories to bags, there are quite a few items that use Nordic patterns. The gentle style is quite easy to integrate into daily wear, as long as you wear a Nordic patterned piece, you can wear it with a sense of fashion.

This time, we will introduce the characteristics of Nordic patterns and the composition of Nordic design, and experience the charm of Nordic patterns together.

What is the Nordic pattern? Design Born in Northern Europe


Nordic patterns and designs mainly refer to designs from Nordic countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, etc. The characteristic is modern and fashionable with a warm atmosphere, with patterns of natural materials such as animals and plants. Easy to integrate into daily life, therefore it is quite popular among many people.


The birth background of Nordic patterns and design is mainly related to the natural environment of Nordic countries.

Due to latitude, northern Europe has shorter summers and longer winters. Especially during severe winter, the duration of sunlight is quite short, and at 3pm it feels as dark as night. Nordic people living in such harsh natural environments are constantly thinking about how to overcome the harsh environment and enjoy daily life, striving to enrich and comfortable living environments. Therefore, Nordic patterned fabrics that can make people feel bright and natural in cold and dark seasons were born, as well as Nordic style interior decorations, furniture or groceries that can illuminate indoor lighting fixtures and candles, and furniture that makes home time more comfortable.


In recent years, with the increase of time spent at home, if you want to enjoy a different atmosphere at home, you can use interior decoration items such as Nordic pattern pillows and plates to create a fresh and bright atmosphere. Adding Nordic patterned accessory items to the dark winter outfit can embellish the outfit and make it brighter.

The Characteristics of Nordic Patterns

1. Taking nature as the theme


One of the biggest features of Nordic patterns is the use of simple lines designed by nature, such as animals and plants. Modern and fashionable designs that make people feel relaxed and comfortable are loved by all age groups.

Nordic countries have abundant natural resources such as forests and lakes. The lifestyle of coexisting with nature has allowed Nordic people to cultivate a spirit of "cherishing animals and nature", which is reflected in Nordic pattern design.

2. Use soft tones


The tonal characteristics of Nordic patterns are the use of ground colors such as white, brown, and light green, as well as a hint of gray smoky colors, which make people feel calm and peaceful in natural colors. The Nordic pattern composed of only a few colors, due to its unique use of colors, creates a relaxed atmosphere throughout.

The soft tones and strong presence can blend into different home spaces, making Nordic patterns suitable for interior decoration. Simply put on Nordic patterned pillows, cushions, or blankets, and you can easily change the atmosphere of your home space.

3. Simple design


Simple design is another major feature of Nordic patterns. Nordic patterns - Nordic design mainly focuses on minimalist design, so there are not many types of patterns, mostly simple line patterns with flowers and trees as the theme, or geometric abstract line designs. Simple yet unique, it gives people a sense of elegance and can be easily mastered by those who do not often use patterned items.