CQIT Professional Embroiderer Certification
Release time:2023-07-26 10:55
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Subject Introduction

Certification Introduction: The CQIT Professional Embroidery Professional Certification began in 2010, aiming to impart professional and authoritative comprehensive embroidery skills to students, covering theoretical knowledge, design aesthetics, and practical methods. It provides a one-stop platform for the college to promote embroidery skills and career planning. Since the establishment of the certification, numerous student certificates have gained a career development and glory halo, indicating the future assistance of CQIT professional embroidery certification.

Certification content: dermatology theory, chromatics, eyebrow design, eyeliner design, lip design, embroidery modification method

Subject Certificate Level

Semi-Permanent Makeup (Level 1)

Semi-Permanent Makeup (Level 2)

Semi-Permanent Makeup (Level 3)