CQIT Facial Painter Certification
Release time:2023-07-26 10:55
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Subject Introduction

Introduction to Certification: The establishment of CQIT Facial Painter Certification aims to impart fashionable and avant-garde painting skills to students, including color studies, design studies, basic pen use, and professional skills, bringing a dual improvement of theoretical knowledge and practical skills to students. Since the establishment of the certification, a large number of students have achieved outstanding results in the field of facial painting, leading the trend and feeling honored, which demonstrates the strength and value of CQIT facial painter certification.

Certification content: Colorology, basic brushwork, coloring techniques, mask design, simulated animal makeup design, and spray gun techniques

Subject Certificate Level

Certification level: Facial Painter Certification (LEVEL1), Facial Painter Certification (LEVEL2), Facial Painter Certification (LEVEL3)