CQIT Professional Hairy Professional Certification
Release time:2023-07-26 10:56
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Subject Introduction

Certification Introduction: The CQIT Professional Nail Professional Certification began in 2001, aiming to impart professional eyelash theory and practical skills to students, including theoretical knowledge, growth science, hygiene literacy, operation and unloading technical skills, etc. It aims to create a one-stop learning and upgrading plan for students in all aspects, and enhance the professional trend of eyelash service level. Since the establishment of the certification, it has pointed out the career prospects and development directions for countless students, demonstrating the professional empowerment and value sharing of CQIT professional hairdressing certification.

Certification content: professional ciliary theory, hair growth, hygiene management, grafting technology, combination design, customer analysis, unloading exam

Subject Certificate Level

Certification level: Professional Hairstone Certification (LEVEL1), Professional Hairstone Certification (LEVEL2), Professional Hairstone Certification (LEVEL3)